Denver Mile High Wheels: Popular After-Market Designs

Car manufacturers may be getting a bit more stylish with their factory designed wheels, but nothing available today even remotely compares to that after-market look. Whether you are hoping to set your ride apart or reap the many benefits of a customized wheel design, the opportunities are seemingly endless. With a variety of different materials and layouts available, there is something out there for everyone. These upgrades may not only have an impact on the outside appearance of your car or truck, but they can also enhance the driving capabilities and perhaps even alter the current gas mileage of your automobile.

The effects of upsized wheels and tires varies considerably but there are so many different styles and sizes from which to choose that any vehicle owner can create precisely the look they desire. Despite the availability of multiple designs, there are a few in-demand styles which have grown to find homes inside garages across the nation.


A classic wheel design, the star feature has been copied multiple times from different manufacturers leaving auto owners an abundance of different types to select. No matter if you want a skinny star, large star, or something else entirely - a five point design around any wheel hub makes for a solid selection.

Spider Web

Similar in style, but with more variety in terms of the appearance is the spider web design. Typically constructed of either thin or thick streams outward from the center, these type wheels can be quite eccentric. 


Commonly found on muscle cars from any area, this popular after-market wheel design  is also relatively similar to the star approach but with a widening toward the rim. Creating more of a triangle appearance within its scope, muscle car wheels aid in presenting the notion of speed even while parked.


While the hub connection components may vary from one vehicle or tire to the next, there are certain characteristics which highlight the impact of custom design. Having larger holes and openings along the flat wall of a rim can create a unique characteristic which cannot be replicated.


A more solid after-market wheel appearance presents vehicle owners a unique opportunity. Covering a majority of the interior surface area, these installations may feature highlights such as spinners, lights, or another additive to help set the tone of any automobile where they are installed.

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