Denver Mile High Wheels: Definitive Results Equal Quality Performance

Selecting an after-market wheel for your vehicle can be extremely rewarding for any car or truck owner. These added improvements not only impact your auto’s handling and performance, but the look may also be improved along with any after-market value. For those who are hoping to achieve even one of these bountiful characteristics, choosing a material that will highlight your features while ensuring performance is key.

The aftermarket auto parts industry continues growing and quality wheels play a large part in this process. As owners, there are a variety of different scenarios which individuals find themselves in which warrant selecting a different tire type or wheel size. Be it for looks or daily performance, ensuring that you are receiving the absolute best overall ride from your car or truck is essential to any owner’s happiness.


Steel wheels are heavier but come in a variety of different styles. While this is beneficial for auto owners who are unsure about their specific design style, the extra weight may cause an issue in handling. However, this material is extremely durable regardless of road conditions and can withstand a lot of use.


Lighter than steel, aluminum provides plenty of alternate options for vehicle owners. In addition, the flexibility in this material allows for a wide variety of design styles to be applied for each wheel. The versatility of aluminum makes it a solid choice in the wheel market.


Chrome wheels are extremely rust resistant but they are also prone to impact from various weather conditions. Salt, sludge, and winter driving conditions can be extremely difficult on chrome wheels but their look is often unparalleled in the auto industry.

Tire Size

Larger tires offer better control and handling but smaller options provide a smoother ride, provided the road surface is well maintained. Understanding the differences in tire size selection and the impending ride type can help owners select the best possible size and shape for their personal preferences. Whether you are targeting handling, performance, comfort, or simply a unique look, will determine which size and shape wheel/tire combination best fits your needs.

If you need help finding custom wheels for your vehicle or determining the best options for your auto then consider reaching out to the car and truck experts at Mile High Wheels today. In addition to providing the absolute best quality custom rims, they can also take care of multiple other vehicle tire issues. Along with providing a top quality auto service, our group can also complete all types of repairs and get answers to any other questionable vehicle factors associated with issues or concerns you may have. Serving Denver and all of the surrounding area, our garage has an extensive history in helping clients with any and all of their wheel issues. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Available for all of your vehicle needs, we look forward to meeting you and providing the type of service you can rely on whatever your wheels may need very soon!
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