Denver Tires: Balance Is Key To Performance

November 18, 2021

The tires and wheels on an automobile are one of the very first aspects individuals notice when looking at a vehicle. Not only are these components focal points and highlights on a car or truck, but they also are essential to the handling and performance of your ride. Having inadequate tires can impact how an automobile drives and may make being on the road unsafe altogether if proper maintenance and upkeep are not regularly scheduled. However, the road to peak performance isn’t based solely on aesthetics.

About every oil change or at roughly five to seven thousand miles, tires and wheels should be balanced. Not to be confused with rotating, which is physically moving one tire to another location on the vehicle (i.e. swapping the passenger-side front right tire with the driver-side rear), balancing ensures all of the weight is spread evenly around the wheel and throughout each tire’s outline. Doing so can impact a variety of different aspects associated with an automobile’s drivability.  

Gas Mileage

Having properly balanced tires and wheels will impact your gas mileage. As fuel prices continue to climb, ensuring that your vehicle is getting the absolute best possible miles per gallon available can be extremely helpful. As weights shift and tires naturally become less balanced over time, gas mileage may decrease.


The handling of your vehicle is directly tied to the tire and literally “where the rubber meets the road”. Properly balanced tires will keep your car or truck in the best running shape possible, directly impacting the performance and ability to quickly maneuver a car on the road.


Balancing your tires can also help to evenly distribute treadwear as you drive. Instead of having tires wear unevenly or inconsistently, maintaining proper balance will keep them receiving even use helping to maintain both safety and comfort.


If your tires are not balanced then uneven treadwear and any resulting vibrations could quickly become a safety issue. How your vehicle handles is critical to both city and highway driving so keeping your wheels and tires balanced throughout their lifespan is extremely important. As the only four surface areas making contact with the road, ensuring tires and wheels are properly maintained is important for drivers and all vehicle occupants.

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