Foose Wheels in Denver

These are the 2016 designs. To see the entire line of Foose wheels, click here.

Many of these wheels come in different finishes including black, matte black, blackened machined face, anthrocite, chrome, etc. Call us at 720-535-4081 for the finish you'd like.

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Arch - f240
Arch - f240
Arch - f240
arch  - f240
Casa Blanca - f511
Flamingo - Fr05
Knuckle - f097
Knuckle - F099
Pantera - f219 Concave
Phoenix - f251 Concave
Riviera - Fr04
Sahara - FR01
Shelby - f218 Concave
Sies - f241
Stardust - FR02
Voss - f163
Voss - f164