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Tires Made For Colorado's Weather

Nokian WR G3 All-Weather Tires

By Jerome Hoffman - September 29, 2016

Choosing the right tires for your vehicle when you get new wheels is very important, especially here in Colorado.  Quite often folks spend good money on that perfect set of wheels and then want to spend as little as possible on tires.  We understand and we have tires for all budgets.  That being said, what you'll hear most often from our sales staff is that the best value for tires right now, with winter on the way, is the Nokian WR G3 All-Weather tire.  Here's why:
1. Priced WELL below 'comparable' all-weather tires, the Nokian WR G3 is a great value in most any size. 
2. The all-weather designation from Nolkian means just that - any weather.  There are allot of brands that offer all-season or all-weather tires but no one has what Nokian has to offer with this tire.  Colorado weather can be rough, especially in January/February and the traction and handling this tire offers is incredible.
3. The tire is stable and easy to control, even at high speeds.  The red Camaro you see in this blog entry is a great example of why the GR3 tire is the right fit.  Traditionally, the Camaro isn't a great vehicle to drive in snow - no question about it.  However, with the GR3 tire, this car will absolutely handle the elements MUCH better. 
4. Basically it is like having a very good snow tire that you can run year-round.  The grip and handling of a snow tire but without losing tread quickly on the hot pavement during summer.  Most of the sizes carry a 55K mile warranty.

When you are buying tires for your new wheels a good question to ask your sales professional is "what tires do you run with your vehicle?'.  The answer here at Mile High Wheels are either Nokian WR G3 All-Weather tires, the Nokian Entyre, or the Nokian Rotiiva AT tires.  We run them on our vehicles because the quality and price of Nokian cant be beat.