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Want custom painting job for your rims?

We can help!

By Jerome Hoffman - October 13, 2016

We recently helped a customer with his black Dodge Challenger and Zenetti wheels.  He was looking for something other than the silver finish to make his car look one-of-a-kind.  We contracted with wheel painting guru Todd Wood, out of Colorado Springs, and the results are clear to see - the customer was thrilled!
If you are looking to re-finish or paint your wheels come on by an see us or you can call Todd Wood direct at 970-457-7565. 


20" Giovanna Wheels

Kia transformed by Giovanna Wheels

By Jerome Hoffman - September 15, 2016

I wrote an entry a few months back about how wheels can make a big difference for ALL types of vehicles, not just the Mercededs, BMWs, Audis, etc...  This customer came in witha Kia with stock Kia wheels looking for something that would enhance the vehicle's look.  Our wheel specialist recommended 20" Giovanna wheels.  The customer wasn't completely sold on the Giovanna wheels but decided to put his trust in us - the wheel specialist ensured him that these Giovanna wheels were the way to go.  We rolled out the car after installation and the customer flipped out - loved the way his new car looked!  Not many Kia's around Denver look this good...  
Thanks for allowing us to help you and putting your trust in us.


Change your Vehicle's look?

All it takes is the right wheels!

By Jerome Hoffman - August 11, 2016

We do ALL typoes of vehicles here at Mile High Wheels - Mercedes-Benz, Hummer, BMW, etc...   But sometimes it is the "everyday" type cars that we help that we take the most pride in.  Sure, a new Audi A8 can look great with the stock rims and any number of aftermarket rims - that is easy.  But when the right wheels are chosen for a more economical vehicle, the change in appearance for the car can be dramatic.  Here is an example (a Nissan Altima) with a great set of Niche wheels.
We are open 7 days/week - come by and talk to one of our wheel specialists when it is time for a new set of wheels for your vehicle. 

Touren Wheels

Luxurious and Economical

By Jerome Hoffman - July 25, 2016

Touren wheels on Audis, BMWs and Mercedes passenger cars is a great choice for that luxurious look without the luxurious cost.  The Touren 5-star wheels in black (TR70) or machine faced (TR20) are great examples of the Touren's elegant style that can help transform your vehicle.
Mile High Wheels is open 7-days/week - come on in and speak with one of our wheel specialists.

Curva 19" and Zenetti 20" Wheels

Fastest selling wheels this summer!

By Jerome Hoffman - July 12, 2016

Curva 19" wheels and Zenetti 20" wheels are the hottest selling wheels this summer at Mile High Wheels.  The Curva 19" wheel is a great fit for sporty, european style vehicles and the luxurious Zenetti 20" wheels look great on sedans and larger import vehicles.  
If you are in the market for some new wheels and want that one-of-a-kind look, come check out the Curva and Zenetti wheel lines at Mile High Wheels - they are on sale through the end of July.