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Mile High Wheels/Value Tires Owner Speaks on the News

May 21, 2018

Listen to Corey White (owner of The Used Tire Store, Value Tires, and Mile High Wheels) give valuable advice on tire shopping:

Colorado Exclusive

Blaque Diamond and Volvo

By Corey White - March 4, 2018

2018 Volvo with the Blaque Diamond BD3 straight from the dealer. See all the new designes from Blacque Diamond . Another exculsive brand brought to you only by Mile High Wheels

Porsche and Vossen

The perfect blend of style and grace

By Mile High Wheels - February 6, 2018

Larry - Thanks for trusting Mile High Wheels with your bad ass Porsche Cayenne.  Larry's Porsche features a 22x9 CV7 with 295/35/22 Contintental Contact DWS06. Vossen wheels designed in Miami, FL and built for precision and performance for drives desiring more than a common monocast wheel. Mile High Wheels is the only place to see Vossen Wheels on display and the #1 seller in the state.

3 Piece Custom - Hot Hot Hot!!

Niche custom on Tesla P90

White - May 11, 2017

Mile High Wheel is the only team that you can trust with high end wheels and install. 3 piece Niche custom wheel on a Tesla P90. One of a kind only from Mile High Wheels

5 series on Vossen's

Vossen flow form on 5 series with air suspension

Mile High Wheels - May 8, 2017

Shout out to Long!! Air supension and Vossen, cant beat it. see you at the meets.